Population: ~5000
Ruler: Patriarch Sherlane Halaran (Baron, Cleric of the Church of Karameikos)
Languages: Thyatian, Traladaran
Religions: Church of Karameikos, Church of Traladara

Threshold lies near the northern border of the Duchy of Karameikos, in the forested foothills of the Altan Tepes mountains, where Lake Windrush empties into the River Windrush (also known as th eWulfwolde River). Main access is to the south, either by boat via the River Windrush or on foot over the Pavel Pass to Verge and the Windrush Road to Rifflian, Krakatos and Specularum.

The major occupations are logging, fishing in the lake, hunting and trapping, and farming, and the primary trade goods are correspondingly timber, fish, wool, furs and skins, although there are some hardy prospectors scraping a living in the Altan Tepes mountains – occasionally one of them strikes lucky with a vein of gold; more often the humanoids living in the mountains have them for breakfast and they are never seen again. There are also mines in the Wufwolde Hills to the east of Threshold (particularly dwarvish and gnomish) – iron is produced in great quantity, and there are also pockets of precious metals.

The majority of the population are human, but given the proximity of the dwarven and gnomish mines, these races are not an uncommon sight, and some have settled in the town. There are also a few elves, both Calarii elves from the forests near Rifflian and northern elves down from Alfheim, sufficient in number that people wouldn’t stare, but few enough that new elves draw comment. There is also a small halfling community, mainly hunters and trappers. Other humanoids are not common and universally viewed with suspicion.

In general, the community is small, close-knit and pretty much self-sufficient – necessary when the snows of winter make travel hard and bring the wolves and bears down from the mountains hunting the sheep and cattle (and sometimes people). They have a vague awareness of the country round about them, but other lands are mainly known by rumour except to the adventurous few who venture afield.

Magic is forbidden within the town limits, with the exception of clerical magic, and the only weapons which may be carried around town are daggers, swords and staffs. Other weapons may be handed in at the Town Hall on arrival, and they will be returned on departure (a receipt is issued by the town guards). Of course, this doesn’t stop some locals owning and training with other weapons; but they don’t carry them around town. Armour, while not prohibited, is frowned upon in general usage around town.


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