With Karameikos being built from two different cultures, there are a range of different Immortals worshipped in the country. These are the most common.


All three work together to support and promote the lands of the Traladara people and work towards a new golden age.  They are taking the long view with the Thyatian invasion and the land of Karameikos – accepting the people in and gradually nudging them towards assimilation into the Traladaran vision.


Halav was a fighter in his former life, now an Immortal of the Sphere of Thought.  His favourite aspect is as a 7’ muscular man with generous (but not long) curly golden-brown beard, shoulder-length hair and a huge longsword.  He has a golden aura.  He is also said to appear as a huge golden eagle or an enormous golden-haired bear. He inspires his followers to understand and better themselves, and to bring meaning to their lives with a greater purpose – with a slant towards bringing purpose to Traladara and restoring the fabled golden age.  While not overtly belligerent, he encourages people to stand up for themselves and their family and friends, and to stand against injustice. He watches over and inspires the warriors of the land, teaches continual tests of military prowess – competitions, bouts, war games, and his favour is invoked in martial ceremonies and before contests and battles.


Petra was a cleric in her former life, now an Immortal of the Sphere of Time.  Her favourite aspect is as a milky-skinned woman swathed in white robes (sort of Roman effect).  She has a white aura – overall a VERY bright white effect. She will also sometimes appear as a white doe or as a flock of doves.  She teaches acceptance of change and the flow of life, the cycles of the seasons and the natural beginnings and endings of life and death.  Of the Immortals of Traladara, it is her influence that is most invoked in the ceremonies of life – birth, coming of age, marriage and death.


Zirchev was a wizard in his former life, now an Immortal of the Sphere of Energy.  His favourite aspect is the classic sage with a long beard and hair, huge bushy eyebrows and a gnarled staff – think Gandalf. He will appear and disappear in a flash of flame and a puff of smoke. He also favours the falcon, the salmon (appearing as a 4’ Ocean salmon) and the salamander (often also appearing in furnaces and ovens). His teachings are constant learning, creation and invention, making the world better one change after another. He inspires his followers to come up with new inventions and innovations in all areas of industry and teaches his most promising acolytes in flashes (literally) of inspiration and fiery signs and portents.  He is the champion of craftsmen, wizards and merchants.


The Thyatians recognise many Immortals across their extensive country, and apart from clerics, most do not follow the teachings of any one Immortal. That said, the Church of Karameikos is dedicated to the goddess Tarastia, and so that is the most common in Karameikos, although there are a few others worshipped more informally.


Tarastia is the patroness of Justice and Revenge. Usually depicted holding up scales in her right hand and with a grounded sword in her left hand (representing the two aspects), the Church of Karameikos is dedicated to her. She is associated with the colour blue – a rich blue like the blue of the sky on a summer day, and the main church of Karameikos in Specularum has an 8-foot statue of her carved in marble with her robes magically stained blue. It is one of the tourist sights of the capital.

She always looks imposing and imperious. Her teaching are those of the Church of Karameikos. Her clerics can call on her for assistance in impartial judgement of cases and commensurate penances and punishments, which they are expected to then carry out and enforce. They are also expected to look out for and deal with injustices in society.


Valerias is the patroness of love and the girder-on of weapons. She promotes love and romance – particularly fiery, passionate romance. Very much associated with pale pink, her favourite aspect is as a stunningly beautiful black woman enveloped in yards of diaphanous pink gauze so fine it merges into her aura. Where Tarastia is stern and serious, Valerias is smiling, cheerful, laughing, often even giggly. Often accompanied by showers of rose petals which give out a rich calming fragrance (calming, but also inspiring of romantic feelings). She is also said to appear as a rose bush with pale pink roses, or to be drawn to bless such plants, so single rose bushes standing on their own often have gifts and wishes for romantic success, and rose petals are a staple ingredient in love philtres.

She is also known for bringing weapons to those in need.


Most popular Immortal to the main Thyatian population, although overshadowed in Karameikos by Taratia, Vanya was supposed to have been a Thyatian warrior-woman in the distant past. She is now patroness of war and conquerors, so particularly popular within the Karameikos armed forces. She expects her followers to show prowess, steadfastness and bravery in battle, and to fight to the last, and to those who embody these ideals best in her name she is said to bring luck and guidance. Always depicted in golden armour and kilt with bare arms, sandals which strap up to her knee and with short hair – the classic roman legionnaire look.


Thanatos is a death-loving Immortal who hates all life. His followers are underground sects of clerics who would betray their race for personal power. Often depicted as a hunch-backed ugly man swathed in dirty sack-cloth, he is used by the general population as a bogey-man to scare kids with and as a curse.


This patron of pure evil causes death, destruction and misery. His sect is illegal within the Thyatian empire and also Karameikos. Part of his dogma is “Alphatia must be destoyed” which explains why it is popular with chaotic Thyatians who hate Alphatia, and also why it is less popular within Karameikos. It is rumoured that the leaders of the Black Eagle Barony follow Alphaks.


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