Melestrua's Mystara

Karameikos Session 3 - 26th Oct 2017

Goblin attack!

The team had only been asleep a couple of hours, when Berethor (who was on guard) heard hurrying footsteps further up the corridor. Peering out of the door, he couldn’t see much in the gloom except some dark shapes in the entry hall, who didn’t seem to be coming down the corridor.

He woke the others up and Sergi stood on his shoulders to look out of the window. He saw quite a few humanoids crossing the yard towards the tower, which he confidently identified as kobolds. They were clustered around the door of the tower, attacking it, and seemed to be trying to create a fire.

The team discussed plans, and ran to the entrance hall to attack. Reed sent a firebolt at the nearest creature, who turned around in shock, while Berethor and the others charged out of the door and towards them. People on the top of the tower also started raining rocks down on the creatures heads, and battle ensued. After several of their number laid dead – burned by Reed, sliced by Berethor and battered by rocks rained on their heads while Sergi kept the spirits of the defenders up with bardic inspiration, they turned and ran, but only the leader made it back into the keep and to safety. Berethor was too late to see which way he went. In the end 6 goblins (as they turned out to be, despite Sergi’s confidence) lay dead.

The team returned to the tower, and started talking to the defenders, who thanked them and came out to loot the corpses. There wasn’t much of value on them apart from a couple of dozen silver pieces which the defenders gave to the team in thanks. The defenders then invited them into the tower and allowed them to sleep in the ground floor room. Sergi tried going down the stairs but came up when they got annoyed.

So they finally got the good night’s sleep they had been looking for.

Next morning they headed back to the keep to look for the goblins. The people in the tower had said they lived down a stairway, so the next job was to find it.

The first thing they found was another room which seemed again to have been someone’s room. Under some rags in the corner, Sergei found a small phial of green liquid, which after a bit of tasting and discussion, he glugged down. Instantly he started to feel better, no longer feeling the poisoning effects of the snakebite.

That was the only thing of interest in the room apart from a sign daubed on the room with one circle inside the other, apparently bleeding. The same sigil had been on the shields of the defeated goblins. Reed had a flash of memory and identified it as the sigil of the Blood Moon Goblins.

The next door they tried opened onto a stairway going down, again with this sigil on the wall. Unfortunately for Berethor, he stepped on some broken doorway under which was a trap – it burst into flame, burning him and the others (though the bit of door he had stepped on took some of the brunt of the explosion). This left the shards of door and Berethor on fire, and it took two attempts to put out the flames, leaving him very badly burned and needing Sergi’s healing.

Once Sergi had given him magical healing, they went back into the landing at the top of the stairs and peered down. Sergi cast Light on the stopper of the potion vial and threw it down the stairs…

…and that’s where we leave it until next time…

Berethor was awarded the bonus for moving the story on in the most interesting way.



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