Melestrua's Mystara

Karameikos Session 9: 5th Feb 2018

Gnoll ambush!

As you were heading up the road from Verge back towards Threshold, you were ambushed by gnolls. The very first arrow almost took Ivan out of the picture straight away, but he ducked into the cart. A pitched battle followed, including sharp shooting from Grygory which finally put paid to the leader up in the tree, a solid attack by one of the horses which took out a hyena, and a levitated gnoll. Three gnolls broke and ran (one of them getting felled as he did so), so you were left holding the field with 4 dead gnolls and 2 dead hyenas (and quite a few wounds…).

Miroslav managed to follow the trail left by the two escaping gnolls for a little bit, but since it seemed to be following a straight line (i.e. not looping back on itself), and you were all hurt, you decided not to risk giving chase.



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