Melestrua's Mystara

Karameikos Session 7 - 8-Jan-2018

Back to base

Yunan was most interested in the trail of blood on the stairs, but felt a bit deflated when he discovered it was centred around Bear’s trap which was still there. Bear picked up his trap again, and they headed out.

They headed across to the tower, and Yunan had a discussion with a guy who opened the door a sliver. He looked stubbly and unkempt and grumpy, but answered some questions. He said there were about 20 goblins – too many for the people in the tower to take on, but few enough they could keep them out of the tower. He said they did occasional business as guards. At which point another guy – looking a bit smarter and cheerier – came up to see what was going on. He recognised the others, and asked why it was Yunan doing the talking; when Yunan asked about how many of them they were he got a bit cagey and Yunan decided to give up, since they clearly weren’t interested in helping. The team decided to head back to Threshold for supplies and (for Sergi and Reed) training.

When they got back the reported in to Alianne, who was interested but slightly sceptical as to whether these really were the cause of the problem. She recommended they talk to Clifton.

So they headed over to Caldwell’s Cauldrons and spoke to Clifton. He was very encouraging, but also not willing to take their report completely at face value. So they suggested setting up a decoy caravan which might draw the bandits out. Clifton was amenable to this – he was expecting a delivery from Verge in about a week, so could send them with a couple of wagons filled with turnips made up to look more valuable. Yunan also bought some coffee beans from Clifton. Since it was too early to send it, this gave Sergi and Reed sufficient time to get some quick training up (and level up). Yunan spent the time working in the docks, which covered his living costs.