Melestrua's Mystara

Karameikos Session 6 - 18-Dec-2017

A newcomer and very close shave

The heavy footsteps had headed up the stairs, so the characters decided to explore a bit more. They looked down the well, which had buckets beside it and they could hear rushing water below. Sergi shone a light down a side passage, and a couple of hyena-headed creatures approached blinking. He retreated and they didn’t follow.

They sneaked back through the guard chamber and investigated the other passages. The stairs down seemed chill and foreboding, so they went along the corridor the goblin had originally run down. There they found a couple of rooms, one an armoury with racks of weapons, and the other (once they had persuaded the door to open) with boxes and barrels of food. They also found Yunan wrapped in a sack and freed him. He gave a tale of being captured by gnolls (thereby explaining the hyena-headed creatures) and being brought as a tribute to the goblin leader. He was also without any of his gear, so they took him to the armoury across the corridor where he found most of it. He was still short his leather armour, and in trying to get a replacement from a pile of armour, he stumbled, bumping into the wall and realising it sounded hollow. With a bit of exploration, they realised there was a small secret door. While they were trying to work out how to open it, Miroslav, who was in the corridor keeping watch, heard the tramp of boots returning. He ran into the armoury, and Bear and Sergi wedged the door with short swords while the others battled to get the secret door open. Finally they found the catch and dived through – by this time the goblins outside had started battering on the door to get in. Sergi and Bear waited holding the door shut until the others had got through the opening, then dived for it while axe heads started to come through the door. They managed to get through (Sergi’s hoe getting caught for one heart-stopping moment) and slammed the secret door again – not a moment too soon as they heard the splintering of the armoury door being broken down and the thumping, crashing and banging as the armoury was trashed searching for them.

Fortunately the goblins didn’t find the secret door, and after a bit the noise died down. The group had a chance to look around. They were in a small, very dusty chamber with a torch burning and some bedrolls in a corner. There were also some containers of food, but they had long spoiled. But still it seemed safe, so Sergi, Miroslav and Bear settled down to sleep while Yunan quizzed Reed on their adventures so far. They were undisturbed and got a good night’s sleep.

When they woke up and had finished their meditation, prayers and morning study, they cautiously opened the secret door and peeked out. No-one to be seen, but the place was a mess. The goblins had obviously trashed it in their enthusiasm/fury/…

They sneaked out and sent Reed down the next corridor…where he found another room full of goblins so he sneaked back. At that point they decided discretion was the better part of valour, so headed back towards the stairs.

There were only 4 goblins on guard this time, and they didn’t put up too much of a fight. The party felled them and headed up the stairs.

And there the session ended.