Melestrua's Mystara

Karameikos Session 13: 7th May 2018

Void cultists and ice storms

In the last session, we left our intrepid crew, weakened from fighting goblins, an ogre and a half-ogre, being attacked by some strange corrupted goblins who spat corrosive spit and had tentacles instead of hands. They didn’t do huge amounts of damage with each attack, but they seemed very hard to kill, and just as the team managed to kill the first one, they started to get attacked by rays of frost shooting down the corridor.

Bear slammed the door shut and held it desperately while the others tried to find another way out, but to no avail. There was no chimney – the smoke just escaped through cracks in the rock, and there were no other exits. The party were trapped.

And now the door was getting extremely cold…

With a crack, it shattered and the cultists on the other side restarted their attack while Sar laughed from the other end of the corridor “thank you for your service, guys…and here’s your reward…ha, ha, ha”.

Desperately trying to avoid the rays of frost, the group finished off the corrupted goblins and then started to charge up the corridor. With a whoosh, a curtain of sleet came down and filled the corridor, making the going extremely treacherous. Everyone except Reed fell over. The characters tried desperately to rush up the corridor to attack Sar, but were extremely hampered by the conditions which left them stumbling and falling over more often than not, and desperately slow in the difficult terrain when they were able to make any progress.

Eventually Miroslav broke through the edge of the sleet storm and saw Sar disappearing up the corridor. He gave chase while Sergi was the next to make it out and follow.

Sar slammed the door of his chapel in Miroslav’s face, so Miroslav tried to kick it down, gaining only a sore leg for his efforts. Sergi caught up and turned the handle – it wasn’t locked… At this point the sleet storm ended so the others were also able to make progress and give chase.

Miroslav and Sergi burst in to be again attacked with rays off frost from Sar holding some sort of amulet. This put Miroslav on the floor, but the others managed to overcome Sar. They rushed over to try to stabilise and question him, but it was too late.

Reed stabilised Miroslav and then Sergi healed him while Bear and Reed investigated Sar’s corpse. Rummaging on his body, they discovered the amulet, which appeared to be a portion of a snowflake worked so it could be hung around the neck on a thong. Someone (I think Bear) took it, and all made their way out and back towards the entrance.

When they came near the room with the hole in the middle, they heard footsteps and voices, so stopped. They saw a train of female and young goblins carrying packs heading away towards the entrance. It seemed the goblins had decided to abandon the place and find somewhere to start afresh.

And there we leave them, as the last of the goblins disappear along the corridor…