Melestrua's Mystara

Karameikos Session 12: 16th April 2018

The big battle

After a good night’s rest, guarded by Sar’s guides, the party were woken and told to come because it was a good time to attack. Sar led them along the corridor and pointed out the side corridor leading to the Ogre’s sleeping chambers. He then encouraged the characters down.

The characters were wary of treachery, but sneaked down and listened at the door; nothing. Yunan opened the door cautiously to find another door beyond and another the side. Taking a guess, he listened at the door opposite and heard snores. The party prepared to sneak in and attack. Yunan managed to open the door and sidle in without any disturbance, and the others followed. In the dim glow of a fire they saw an irregularly-shaped room with piles of furs around a long, low table heaped with food and drink. Yunan, Bear, Sergi, Miroslav and Thia had got into the room when one of the bundles of furs stirred, sat up and saw them – it was a large female goblin. She shouted out to wake the others and attacked.

Two other goblins also roused and joined the attack, and then a round later, so did a large ogre. Sergi managed to disable the ogre with Tasha’s Hideous Laughter while the others attacked the goblins. It was an awkward space for everyone to get in, so Thia and Reed remained near the doorway firing arrows and firebolts respectively. It was eerie fighting to the sound of hysterical laughter from the ogre, but he carried on laughing despite taking some major damage from Sergi and Bear, until finally (distinctly wounded) he shook off the spell and entered the fray. Yunan tried to acrobatically jump over Bear, but it didn’t work very well. And just as the goblins were start to succumb, the door burst open and 4 more goblins and a half-ogre entered the fray, laying into Thia and Reed particularly who were near the door.

The half-ogre went beserk when his father (the ogre) was killed and really started laying about in anger, but eventually the pressure of the attack from the party finished off the others leaving him the only one standing and badly wounded, at which point he broke and fled up the corridor. Conn leapt over to land prone on the floor behind Bear (who was by now standing in the doorway) and fired an arrow between Bears legs, hitting the half-ogre in the back and killing him.

Peace…apart from the pools of blood… They started to explore the room.

The tapestries were worthless, but there was a large chest in the room. Unfortunately it was securely locked and attempts to break in failed. Time to look for a key. They didn’t manage to find one among the furs and debris on the floor and table. They didn’t find one in the side room where the half-ogre had obviously been billeted, although they did find a pile of skulls, and on the corpses they found a total of 52sp and 29gp, plus a pair of golden earrings and assorted jewellery. Eventually Sergi thought to poke around in the fire and found a secret compartment with a key.

Once it had cooled, they tried it in the chest and it fitted! Inside were the riches of the goblin tribe – 975cp, 497sp, 296gp, 19pp, a golden necklace set with 4 translucent yellow gems, thieves tools in a soft black leather pouch bearing the initials A.H, a long tapered wand of white willow engraved with runes and a treasure map.

They were just investigating the chest and deciding how best to transport the contents when they heard footsteps and some strangely twisted goblins appeared at the door and attacked, spitting corrosive spit and with tentacles instead of hands. To be continued…