Melestrua's Mystara

Darokin Session 3: 17 Ambyrmont 998

Farewell Horace

Last time: the path brought you along to a ruined keep buried in the forest. As you approached, a javelin came flying out from the wall of the keep, striking (I think) Kade. She dived into the bushes, and Horace strode out instead. He was also attacked, and Fonkin took advantage of the distraction to climb up a crumbling section of wall to look over. A running battle took place, and eventually you overpowered the orc in the corner. Horace had to be restrained from just slicing him to pieces; eventually The Monk had to knock him out and you tied him up round a corner while you interrogated the orc.

The orc wasn’t willing to talk, but when The Monk pretended the wall was telling him about where Ragnar was, the orc gave away that there were others and Ragnar was downstairs. At that point Horace was released and sliced him to pieces, with Fonkin trying to fire firebolts at him (he caught Horace with one of them, which really annoyed Horace).

You decided to just sit about, and noticed a patch of wild garlic against a wall. Approaching, you heard a squeaky voice, which Ylva understood as saying (in Sylvan) “Mind my garden” – she passed this on. Fonkin approached the baboons to see if they had anything to say. They were wary and didn’t approach very close. You also noticed a dead baboon in the wild garlic patch; the Alliumite confirmed to Ylva that it had killed the baboon because it was damaging the plants.

While you were resting, a bear wandered in. Fonkin threw some rations over its head, which it followed and ate, then wandered off again.

You headed down a winding staircase, and found a corridor with lights along it. Working your way along it, you came to a door, which you barged into. Behind that were a brawny man and several orcs. It didn’t go well – Horace breathed his last, Fonkin and The Monk also got taken out, although both of them recovered quickly. Gradually you finished off the orcs, and in the end Fonkin managed to put Ragnar to sleep. You ran in and checked Horace but it was too late. You tied up Ragnar to make sure he couldn’t escape and there we left it.

Special thanks to Heroic Maps for the inspiration and maps on which this session was based – the Ruins and Dungeons of Mydstep Keep (map of the month March 2018) – and in particular for providing an early version for use before official publication.