Melestrua's Mystara

Darokin Session 1: 13-14 Ambyrmont 998

Rescue the 'baccy!

The group (Ylva, Kobe, Fonkin, #54 (The Monk) and Horace) were in or passing through Rennydale in North-eastern Darokin, and were in The Laughing Copper, when Ansel Cormand came bursting in, asking for some people to chase after and retrieve his wagons of tobacco which had been stolen. He had gone into The Golden Spool and come back out again to check on his wagons when he was attacked and knocked out. When he came to, the wagons were gone and so was one of the guards on duty; the other three were out cold. He offered 50 daros (gp) to retrieve them and return them with their goods intact.

They went and investigated. There were 8 wagons there of different sizes, and a gap which could have held the other couple. All were fine wagons with dark red covers and sturdy leather-rimmed wheels, and you could see tracks similar heading out across the bridge. Asking around, no-one had noticed anything particular, and the 3 guards who had been on duty wouldn’t wake even under heavy provocation from The Monk and Fonkin.

They followed the tracks and headed out along the road. At a fork, Fonkin tried to ask the field mice which way the wagons had gone, but they didn’t have enough awareness to help. Fortunately they guessed correctly – they picked up the tracks again after about 5 minutes – and after a few more hours march, they came upon an encampment.

It was late and dark by this time, and the mist was rising. Ylva and Kobe scouted ahead using their Darkvision and found a wagon with some guards. Kobe decided to go up to the back of the wagon and look inside, and one of the guards challenged her, chasing her into the underbrush (along with one of his compatriots) where she managed to escape up a tree and lose them.

Fearing the worst, the rest approached, and battle ensued, ending with two of the guards dead, one guard put to sleep (along with Kobe) by Ylva and tied up, and the toughest one gone. Fonkin had managed to ignite the cover of the wagon with a stray Firebolt, but Horace managed to dash over and put out the flames before they caught hold too badly.

Checking the wagon over, it did indeed seem like the ones they saw in Rennydale, and it did have bales of tobacco inside.

At that point they settled down for the night, and the session ended.

To be continued on Monday…